7 Times Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations

So, with the big Gilmore Girls revival right around the corner, I’ve been majorly Netflix binging all 7 seasons. For those fellow Gilmore gals/guys out there, you won’t need any explanation on how marvellous Stars Hollow is. However, if you’ve been living under a metaphorical rock and have never seen nor heard of Gilmore Girls; you need to watch it. It will change your life, it’s that good. So go watch it and then come back to this post! Or, for my benefit, read this post THEN go watch it! Either way, it will blow your mind. I was actually very late to the GG partay. I first noticed the DVD box set sat in my soon-to-be sister in laws bedroom several times and took no particular notice. Then, one day of April 2016, I ran out of things to binge watch so I decided to give Gilmore Girls a go. I was admittedly and ashamedly sceptical at first. Now, I usually watch shows that are a little grittier – but after the first episode I was o b s e s s e d. I finished the whole series in like… two weeks? It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry and it’ll make you cry laughing too. It’s funny, uplifting and just the right amount of dramatic at times. It’s generally just great. Not to mention, the Gilmores’ love interests are 100% swoon worthy! Also, just an FYI; my boyfriend has no shame about admitting he enjoyed it too. There’s something for everyone!

I live in a small town, alike the Gilmores. I’ve always considered myself to be more of a busy city kinda gal. I didn’t take too much notice of my town until I was introduced to Stars Hollow and now it just makes me sad. After watching Gilmore Girls and becoming utterly infatuated with the whole concept; the people, the events, the place itself – I realise what I have been missing this whole time. I live on the outskirts of London, United Kingdom and while I realise that Connecticut (Gilmore Girls’ hometown ya’ll!) is a long way away from here, a small town is a small town, right? Wrong! I crave for a place like Stars Hollow but I have decided, for the sake of my own sanity, that it simply doesn’t exist. So, I have compiled a list of Stars Hollow wonders that have given me high expectations followed by sad realisations that my town, or any town, just doesn’t match up to.

SPOILERS!! – Kind of?


  1. Town meetings
Taylor babbling at the town meeting, as per

While I’m sure my town holds a town meeting of sorts, whereby the town governors and other important people come together to discuss issues of importance, this isn’t the Stars Hollow way. In Stars Hollow, the people of the town are welcome attendees to the meetings and can publicly voice their opinions/make wise cracks at the expense of town mayor Taylor.  While this list is in no particular order, this point is a significant one. I really feel like my town could benefit from the Stars Hollow way of democracy! It’s basically impossible though as I’m pretty sure that although my town is small, I reckon it is significantly bigger than Stars Hollow. Although population is never actually mentioned, I would average a guess that it is way below ten thousand. The population of my town is higher than that but still considerably small. Imagine fitting over ten thousand people in one room to have a meeting. Impossible! – Sadly.


  1. Close-knit community
Babette and Miss Patty knitting in the Knitathon (See what I did there? ‘Close-knit community?’ Yeah whatever)

People are aaalllllll up in each other’s business in Stars Hollow.  Everyone bands together to throw surprise parties, borrow each other’s cars (without even being insured on them, I might add!), walk freely into each other’s homes whether the occupants are home or not, water each other’s plants, know all the dirty deets of each other’s love lives, the list goes on. Everybody knows everybody. In my town, if someone enters your house uninvited; you call the police – neighbour or not. As for everything else, the most you would probably get out of my fellow townsfolk is a begrudging grunt as you pass each other by – and that’s to the people you’re most familiar with. Yikes.


  1. The eccentric events

Stars Hollow is home to some delightfully quirky events that happen on a weekly and seasonal basis. These are just a few of my personal favourites:

  • The Festival Of Living Art – Certain townsfolk are specially selected to re-enact famous historical paintings/illustrations in front of a big crowd of attendees. Those that are cast in the roles get all made up and get to wear the most fetching outfits. Then, they proceed to pose on stage amongst all kinds of props and cutesy soundtracks. All whilst staying absolutely still and trying their best not to flinch! (That last part’s a wink to all you hardcore Gilmores)
  • The 24hr Dance-A-Thon – This is literally what it says on the tin. The Stars Hollow peeps partner up and attempt to dance for twenty four hours straight – no stopping. Participants get to dress up and are granted short breaks in which they guzzle down as much coffee as they can handle. Also, a card is issued for the partnership to hold up in case of emergency. However, the emergency leave-the-dance-floor card is only applicable so long as the other half keeps the party on the dance floor going! The prize? A big fat trophy and undoubtable jet lag.
Too cute!
  • Bid A Basket Festival – A Stars Hollow tradition where the town guys bid on the picnic baskets made by the town gals. The baskets are made up of whatever food and beverage selection the ladies choose, to then be graciously devoured once the bidding is over and done with. The guys should be blissfully unaware to whom the baskets belong and based on the baskets appearance they proceed to bid in an attempt to win a date with the basket – and the (should be) anonymous girl, obv.
Sometimes, however, not everyone wins the one they want…
  • Snowman Building Contest – Again, pretty self explanatory. The competition consists of those dedicated enough to put their time and energy in to creating the best and most unique snowman (or snowwoman, no discrimination here, folks!)
A third Gilmore, perhaps?

I don’t care how old you are, what your occupation is or how much you hate your neighbours – who wouldn’t want to compete in or at least spectate events like these? The closest thing to a Stars Hollow event that my town hosts is the annual Easter egg hunt; which, by the way, is strictly kids only. Boo! So, do you wanna build a snowman? I know I do.

  1. The town troubadour
You go Grant!

Stars Hollow has this multi musically talented guy named Grant who parades around the town, guitar at the ready, serenading the residents with quirky tunes.  Grant became the town’s official troubadour when the town held one of its notorious meetings and elected him so. Plus, he doesn’t even accept $$$$! For starters, how great is it that this was such an important issue for Stars Hollow that they had to vote at the meeting on who would perform for them on a regular basis? Also, Grant enjoys performing for everyone so much that he isn’t even doing it for the money – cute! The closest my town has to a troubadour is the occasional disheartened busker in our shopping centre but they never stick around. Although, we do have this one guy… he shows up at our town square, viciously throwing flyers at people and shouts in my face about the end of the world being ‘nigh’. All while I’m trying to eat a Gregg’s sausage roll. ‘Say it don’t spray it, pal.’ springs to mind. So, I guess there’s that… It’s all very traumatic.


  1. So much hype surrounding menial things
Fullscreen capture 22112016 151513.bmp.jpg
The big reveal

The people of Stars Hollow get extremely excited for any tiny occurrence in the town. For example, when the town’s first ever traffic light got installed, the whole town went cray-cray. They even had an unveiling for it and had Kirk (the town idiot/crash dummy/wheeler dealer/Stars Hollow version of ‘Del Boy’ from Only Fools and Horses) test it out. Traffic lights are installed all over the place in my town and there’s never any fuss, just a collective mental sigh as the inconvenient construction begins.

  1. Luke’s diner
You pour that coffee, Luke

There’s no doubting that Luke’s diner is the place to be. What I have a problem with is the fact that pretty much everyone in Stars Hollow goes there at the same time, any time of day, without even communicating it. It just doesn’t happen! Even if it did – even if it were remotely possible that everyone got off work at the same time or had the same days off or didn’t have other things to do, no one would want to be THAT social while they’re trying to buy their morning coffee. I know for a fact that in my town, people would duck out quickly and hope they hadn’t been noticed. Or they would desperately make excuses about having to be somewhere else so as to avoid too much conversation. It’s just inconvenient to socialise that much by accident, surely! Ok so I’d love it. Whatever. Bite me.


  1. Kirk
Kirk, everybody!

Kirk, Kirk, Kirk. Already mentioned briefly in point number five. I don’t even know where to start with this one. Kirk is basically the town doofus.  He’s kind of like a concoction of Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) – minus the genius scientific mind/Joey Tribbiani (Friends, obv.) – minus the constant talk/need/want of sexual innuendos/sex in general and a minion (Those cute lil yellow worker-bees sporting the denim overalls). I’ve yet to come across another character/person like him. Firstly, Kirk has had like a thousand (if not more) of the most random jobs (whether he was actually employed for them or not) and he goes HAM at them. For example, he was a wrapping paper salesman, a custom mailbox designer, antique rings salesman (plot twist: he made friends with old ladies so that they would leave him their possessions when they passed away. It sounds sad and awful but somehow he just owns it). Plus.So.Many.More. Kirk’s strenuously self absorbed nature makes for the funniest stories/conversation starters and he has the social capabilities of gnat trying to communicate with a human. In all honesty, he’s just full on fab. We all need a lil Kirk in our lives and if any of these somehow ring any bells concerning anybody you know or even within yourself, feel free to hit me up! Let me be your bezzie. Please.


Aaaaaaand there we have it. Conclusion? Stars Hollow is where my heart is and I’d move there in a heartbeat. You’re lying to yourself if you say you wouldn’t. What do you love/envy about the fictional town that is Stars Hollow? Let me know what you think – then go get your Gilmore Girls fix!

Class photo-esque picture of the Gilmore Girls cast ❤

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3 thoughts on “7 Times Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations

  1. I love this show so much! I’ve almost finished Season 3 on Netflix. I’ve been binge watching since finding out about the new episodes. I watched it on TV about 10 years ago and it’s just as good the second time round. I’m dying to watch the new episodes but I’m also dedicated to watching the whole 7 seasons first! Ahh!

    1. Like I said in this post, I only started watching it this year and it’s actually really beneficial to be late to the party due to the fact that the new episodes came out this year after far too many years! I don’t think I would have been able to wait that long with so many questions in my mind haha. Whatever you do, just don’t read my review on the new episodes unless you want major spoilers! Let’s move to Stars Hollow! I can’t wait to see your reaction to the new ones – you have to do a post on it x

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