Advent Calendars, Bad Jokes And Daily December Posts

As I sit here googling all things Gilmore Girls and my boyfriend pretends that he’s not falling asleep whilst Friends episodes play on in the background – it only just occurred to me that it’s December 1st. It’s 7:58PM here in the UK and I only just realised that it’s basically Christmas.

Soon after noticing this, I realised that it’s time for me to ask my mum for my annual advent calendar that I had her hide away from me because I just can’t be trusted with it. – Which, after reading that last part back, I realise is a sure sign of at least some maturity. I can’t believe I actually asked her to hide it from me.. I must be getting old! I always end up devouring the whole thing in like November. I can’t help it; the tiny chocolatey treats are my kryptonite. I’m weak ok? FYI – I’m 22 in January and my mum still buys me advent calendars. I love it.

So after searching for what felt like 395624 years trying to find the little December 1st window on my advent calendar, I finally found it, opened it and ate it. On the doors of this particular one, they’ve added little Christmas themed jokes!

As awful and cheesy as they’re going to be (if they’re anything like this first one, anyway) I thought it’d be a cute idea to post pictures of each daily joke alongside some sort of update about my day, every day in December. At the very least, if for some reason I simply cannot muster anything to say about my day, the advent calendar joke on its own should suffice!

Here’s my fancy lil’ advent calendar:


Aaaaaaaand here’s the Christmas themed joke:


Hahahahaha……. Such dad jokes. So precious.

These jokes are basically gonna be so bad that they’re good, know what I mean? Random and probably stupid question to anyone else outside of the UK – do you have advent calendars? Feel free to leave a comment down below, I’m super chatty and you can’t even see my resting bitch face! Oh, the magic of technology – allowing you to communicate with people from a distance. 😉 xo

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