10TH & 11TH DECEMBER 2016


Hellllooo gang! Sorry for not posting yesterday! It was intended but I forgot to mention it in my previous post. I was at my Christmas party for work which went on until the early hours of the morning so I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to post. Plus, I wanted my next post to be an authentic, fresh account of my night – hangovers and all.

The party was really, really good! I spent way too much money on alcohol, obv. The music at times was a little… eh. I still managed to dance for like, three hours straight though! I saw a few old faces; I knew a few of the bartenders and I hadn’t seen them in literally four years, at least. That makes me sound kind of old but I’m only 21, I swear! So yeah, that was nice. It’s honestly amazing how different people are when they’re out of the work setting. Sometimes, the people you least expect turn out to be the biggest party animals! A fair few of them are 40+ and totally put my stamina to shame, seriously. I need to up my game.

I don’t think there will ever come a time where I don’t regret drinking after, though. The come down is just the worst isn’t it? I end up overthinking and regretting certain things I did/said and become severely embarrassed by myself. This, followed by crazy hunger  but being unable to eat due to the spinning room and sick feeling in my stomach doesn ‘t make for a very fun post-party time. But hey – it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts, right? Cool.

I had a couple wardrobe malfunctions, of course. I bought some false eyelashes online and paid absolutely no attention to what type they are. I don’t wear falsies often and I figured they’d probably just be fine. Boy, was I wrong. They aren’t my kind of false eyelashes at all. They’re like, really voluminous, unnatural and big looking. Which is absolutely fine, it’s just not the look I was going for. Anyhow, I tried to put them on regardless because I did my own eyelashes really shit rubbish. I figured, what does it matter? The falsies will fix my eyes up! Bad move, Ems. I ended up completely messing the fake eyelashes up! (I used to be really good at applying falsies 😥 ) I’m so rusty. So, I just had to make do with my own in the end. Also, let me be real with you here. I honestly need to write ‘DO NOT WEAR WHITE, LONG SLEEVED, CLINGY TOPS – ESPECIALLY ON A NIGHT OUT’ on my forehead. Although I wore a dress, same applies. I’ll show you a pic of it in a sec. Underarm patch galore! Not the smelly type, though. Believe me – I checked several times. I don’t know how it happens! I think it’s something to do with the deodrant I use, it’s quite a moist one. So yeah, I had to make sure I didn’t raise my arms to high all night and if I accidentally did, I stayed paranoid for ages after. No fun. All probs a bit TMI for you guys but I’m an open book. If you’re offended by sweat or even the slightest mention of girls and sweat aka a basic human happening then you’re the problem. Bite me.

Now for some snaps!

Just a heads up: I apologise profusely about the state of my bedroom, it’s currently in disarray as it’s being redecorated and although that’s true it’s kinda just an excuse because I find it impossible to get ready to go anywhere without making a huge mess. P.S. I also apologise for the quality of the photos but what can ya do. Maybe I’ll get a cool HD camera for Christmas! Maybe not.

Pose, pose, pose. Pout, pout, pout.
A photo I took to prove to my pal that I was ready, basically. Excuse my boyfs hairy leg.
Love this jacket!
Amazing photo, top quality Emma. Job well done.
Me and my gal Chloe – We look like such a girl band promo here, I love it.

I wore a monochrome midi dress from PrettyLittleThing, a denim-with-the-fur jacket from Topshop and some little combat bootie heels from (I think) New Look but I bought those yeeeears ago. Old faithfuls. I swear I looked better and more well put together in person than in these photos! Or in the mirror, at least.

Last and by no means least, TWO daily advent dad jokes!:

Sick of these yet?!

How was your Christmas work party? How do you pull off wearing white without displaying underarm puddles? Help ya gurl out. Are you an organised or chuck-everything-everywhere kind of person when you’re getting ready? Let me know in the comments down below and I’ll be sure to reply 🙂

~ Emma, the girl who sweats through her whites. I’m just being real. xo

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