Overworked: A Love/Hate Relationship

Overworked ~ One word prompt


I’m overworked and underappreciated in a couple of aspects in my life. I’m going to talk about the one that doesn’t pay.

I am my own worst enemy. I set unrealistic goals, give myself impossible deadlines and yet become frustrated with myself when I ‘fail’. I don’t appreciate my own hard work but who else is really going to? My mind overworks itself to the point of exhaustion and takes my body down with it. How can the human brain be so complex that at the same time as being my own worst enemy, I’m my own best friend? “Stop!! Relax. There’s no rush!” My mind screams, trying to reach out to me by sending stress signals through my body – “Ugh, a headache… great.” I mutter, unaware that subconsciously, I’m only trying to look out for myself. Being overworked and underappreciated go hand in hand. If you are truly appreciated, you wouldn’t be overworked. If you are truly overworked, you aren’t appreciated. If you don’t believe in yourself and aren’t in tune with your own capabilities – you’ll always be both of those things. A true love/hate relationship.

I’m returning to my ‘day job’ today after being off for 4 days shy of a month, wish me luck.

~ Emma,  the girl who decided to write a short and somewhat serious post for once. xo


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