Like Movies? Books Are Better. Here’s Why:

Did you know that approximately 55% of films were based on books in 2015? Generally speaking, critics believe around 40-50% is the average book-to-film ratio. Now, whilst I can’t find any hard evidence on this next self proclaimed fact, I’d like to wager that around 1% of books actually make it to film – or something ridiculous to that fact. Where am I going with this you ask? People should read more books! Whilst a whopping over half percentage of films originate from books, only a fraction of books actually make it to the big screen. Firstly, imagine the characters we don’t get to meet! The places we don’t get to see! The tales we don’t get told! Secondly, imagine that it’s our own doing for not reading books in the first place! The horror! Fine, I’ll calm down.

I get that reading is a lot more high maintenance than watching TV. Believe me, I have had my fair share of CBA moments when it comes to picking up a book. It takes a lot more focus, a lot more imagination and it’s far more time consuming than watching a film. But trust me when I say this; it is oh so worth it.

Although it’s great to see the characters spring to life on screen, to be able to associate a thought with a voice and a voice with a face – there’s something so special and intriguing about mustering up your own vivid visualisations and letting them unfold in your own mind. All simply based upon somebody else’s imagination and written word. From thought to pen to paper… or, quite possibly and more likely in this day and age: thought to keyboard to word document.

Want to know something else fascinating about such an age old past time? A complete stranger could be visualising the exact same things as you. Or, in my personal opinion, even more interestingly, they could very well be imagining things in an entirely different way. Yet, you’re reading the exact same text. The human mind is waaaayy more complex than we give it credit for, folks.

Don’t get me wrong, books can drive you  crazy insane! Insane in the most completely unique, heartbreaking and amazing way, though. Today, we have a constant need for immediate and visual gratification. We need to see what we’re getting. We need proof. We need things watered down, diluted through the screens of our technological devices, right before our eyes. Ultimately, leaving nothing left to the imagination.

Yet, how long is a movie? Movies average at around an hour forty to two hours fifteen these days – judging by the quick IMDB search I just carried out. So official. Such facts. If you’ve ever read a book/book series and went on to watch the movie/franchise that goes along with it then you’ll know how much detail and story line the movies really skip out on – which can be incredibly disappointing!  Alas, however, obviously I get it. That’s just not how Hollywood works. To be honest, I don’t know if mine or anyone else’s brains have the mental capacity, attention span or sheer will power to sit through an entire movie containing each and every internal dialogue that books are famously made up of in one sitting. Still, I’d be willing to give it a go!

By not reading books, we miss out on so much character development, tense relationship build up, scenes that would be more than cinematic worthy and out of this world linguistics.

Whilst I don’t expect to crack a whip and have every single person who may or may not read this to go and pick up a book, if at least one person has a single thought about possibly, maybe, giving this whole reading thing a go one day… then hey, my work here is done and that’s more than I could ask for! Even if it’s an audio book – I’m not picky! Beggars can’t be choosers. Audio books are actually really amazing. A little pricey, yes – but amazing nonetheless.

So please, go on and give the world of wordiness a try. I mean, if you’ve managed to get this far down on my insufferably preachy post about books then you’re more than ready to take on an amazing novel!

Let me know what you think and how you get on with it! Hey, if you’re an avid reader like myself – what books are you reading and what can you recommend to me and others? Leave me a comment below!

Happy reading! – or not… whatevz.

~ Emma, the girl that is eternally grateful you’ve read this far if you don’t even read books xo

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