The Toothbrush – Life Comes Full Circle

Toothbrush ~ One word prompt


So, this is probably one of the most random and impossible words to use for a daily writing prompt but me being me, of course I have a story about a toothbrush.

So, there’s this thing called Harry Potter, you may have heard of it? The franchise was a pretty big deal as I was growing up. Kids my age were reading the books and watching the movies as they came out… they’re symbolic of my childhood. However, I actually didn’t get into it until I was sixteen years old. I know, I know. I didn’t just get into it either like, I got into it. I was o b s e s s e d to the point where I was having dreams of being in that world and getting upset when I woke up to find it’s not real! Honestly, I had some pretty fantastic dreams where I got inside of the bin in my kitchen and closed the lid in order to transport to other places, you know, like they do when they flush themselves down the loos? Yeah, pretty creative and just as disgusting. The thing that got me into the franchise in the first place is a whole other story for another blog post… it involves a boy. Ooooh, scandal!Β 

So, anyways, recently I was helping my mum go through some old stuff as we’re currently in the middle of doing up the house. So, my mum asks me ‘Do you still want this?’ I look at it, and it’s this hot pink, electric (pretty grotty, I’m not going to lie) toothbrush. No, not just any toothbrush… it’s a Harry Potter toothbrush!! A hot pink, electric, Hermione swish and flicking her wand toothbrush, to be specific. It’s just strange to me how I wasn’t even into Harry Potter back then yet had a toothbrush dedicated to it, I *think* my Nan bought it for me but don’t quote me on that. If only I’d found that around seven years ago – I can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t have tried to use it still if I had. Seriously, obsessed. So yeah, it’s funny to me that I’ve come kind of full circle. Ahh, life.Β 

Oh and the answer to my mum asking me if I still wanted the thing was definitely a yes. Duh – no brainer.Β 

Here’s some pictures for your viewing pleasure:


Seriously, look at the state of that brush head… who was brushing their teeth with that? Jaws? Also, I think someone could probably clone me for years to come with the amount of DNA left on that grotty old thing. I apologise but also I’m not sorry at the same time.

~ Emma, the girl who can find a story in just about anything. Also the girl who keeps her disgusting childhood toothbrushes xo


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