How I Cleared My Skin

Now, I know what it’s like to have to suffer through a bunch of waffle when really, all you’re after is the products! So, I’ll try to keep this introduction short and just give you a little background on my skin/how this routine has helped me.

I was one of the lucky ones growing up – I’d rarely had any spots in school and college and when I did it was just one or two (at a push) of those planet sized, hormonal ones on my chin – yeah, *those* ones. So, you can imagine my despair when, shortly after turning 19, my forehead started spouting all these tiny flesh coloured ‘spots’ on my forehead. Now, I don’t mean one or two or even a group in a collective area of my forehead, I’m talking all over my forehead.

Fortunately for us all, I don’t have a clear *before* picture of my forehead but it looked textured, bumpy and trying to cover up with foundation made it look worse.

I had no idea what to do, I’d never had this problem before – I didn’t (still don’t) even know how to pop a spot! Which, wouldn’t have come in handy anyways because it turns out these were something called ‘clogged pores’. After four years of spending a lot of £££ and trying who knows how many products – I actually did some targeted research and came away with three core products that have almost completely cleared my skin after just over a month! Hurrah!

All skin types are different and the routine and products mentioned below are just what I’ve found works for me personally. I’d advise everyone to do your own research in figuring out what works best for you and your problem areas! Trial and error, peeps.
Products will include affiliate links to Amazon on them – read the bottom of this post for more info!

Now, on to the good bit: 

1. Probably *the* most important product of all – Una Brennan – Super Facialist Cleansing Wash 150Ml


This is a facial wash with Salicylic Acid which is a well known ingredient used to treat mild to moderate acne and let me tell you, it has worked absolute wonders for my skin. All I do with this is apply the product generously to my fingers then build up a lather by massaging in circular motions to my face.

Once I’ve done this, I would usually use my exfoliating brush to really get in there with the facial wash but it broke… dun, dun, dunnn! So all I’ve been doing instead is using one of these bad boys: Exfoliating Gloves – Old school but it does the trick just fine! Proceed to rinse the facial wash off once you’ve exfoliated with it.

2. Next up, we have the The Body Shop – Aloe Calming Toner 250ml


So, I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock or something but aloe vera is the absolute Yes, I did really just say that and here’s why: I always thought the only purpose for aloe was to use on your skin when you’ve fallen asleep in scorching heat and have sunburn so bad that you physically can’t put your work trousers on so you have to phone in sick to work the next day… – just me? WELL, apparently the stuff has a multitude of uses including soothing, treating and reducing the appearance of acne and redness! Who knew? Everyone but me, probably.

In doing my research on my clogged pores problem, most people said it was better to buy an actual aloe vera plant and literally rub the leaves on your face. Now, while I don’t disagree that this is probs better and more ~natural~ – I can barely look after myself, let alone a plant. However, low and behold, the toner works just fine! All I do is apply to a cotton pad, rub it all over my face and wallah! I suppose it would work in a squirty bottle, too, if you prefer!

3. Last and by no means least First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream 170.1 g


The last step to achieving a bump free forehead was to buy a simple and hydrating moisturiser. I cannot begin to tell you how much money I’d been spending on moisturisers alone before I found this one. I bought luxury brands, I tried high street, I tried French brands, I even tried moisturisers that ‘celebrity MUA’s swear by!’. I tried everything and nothing worked until! this! cream! I’m aware how dramatic I’m being but this moisturiser has earned my theatrics. This moisturiser is hydrating, light and non-sticky, leaves my face looking the right amounts dewy and matte AND lasts absolutely ages.

I will say, though, there is one teensy-weensy ‘con’ to this cream. When I first started using the thing, I could kind of detect a whiff of…vomit? I asked people to sniff my face, though (you know, as you do) and they said they couldn’t smell anything. Plus, after the first few times of applying it, I couldn’t smell vomit anymore, so that’s nice! Maybe it was just me. Either way, spew smelling or not – this moisturiser is my holy grail! Simply apply dabs around your face and massage it in!


I hope this has been somewhat useful! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used any of these products before and how you found them. Also let me know if you plan to try these and/or what products you’d recommend that have worked for you!

~ Emma, the girl who is acting like she knows the first thing about skincare xo

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2 thoughts on “How I Cleared My Skin

  1. I love body shop’s aloe vera collection! It is so refreshing and definitely keeps my skin looking bright and clear. I’m so glad you managed to find something that works for you:)

    1. Me too now! Honestly, can’t believe the difference. The aloe vera toner is probably the only product I’ve tried from The Body Shop so will definitely have to expand my horizons! Any recommendations? xx

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