Pinch, punch, first of the month!

HeyHiHello guys and gals, can you even believe we’re in October already? At this rate, I’m almost scared to blink in fear that when I reopen my eyes, it’ll be Christmas! As if October wasn’t one of my favourite months already, I am pleased to inform you that not only is it October 1st but also International Coffee Day! So, what better way to introduce my first Blogtober post than with a giant mug of coffee? Don’t answer that, that was a rhetorical question; there is no better way, FYI.

What’s in my mug (like what’s in my bag, geddit?): As much as I’d like to say I’m drinking a pumpkin spiced latte, I’ve actually never tried one. Dun, dun, dunnn! Come to think of it, the only drink I’ve ever gotten from Starbucks is a white hot chocolate but boy, was it good! I’m actually drinking a plain ol’ white coffee today. However, do feel free to let me know in the comments below your Starbucks orders and recommendations! I need to broaden my coffee horizons. P.S. I hate tea. Kind of irrelevant in a post revolved around coffee but I just thought you should know. It’s one of my things.


Firstly, yes, that is a coaster resting on my coffee. Also, I’m drinking my coffee through a straw in an attempt to keep my teeth as white as I can. I’m breaking all the rules today, chaps!

Now, if you’re a Wall-E buff like I am, you’ll recognise my mug straight away as EVE! The first ever gift I bought for my boyfriend was a WALL-E mug filled with his fave sweets – I then went on to buy myself the matching EVE mug. I know, I know, I’m adorable.

Further more, bonus points to you if you understand my coaster. If you’re a Gilmore Girl, you’ll undoubtedly recognise the Luke’s Diner logo!! My boyf bought me a set of GG themed coasters and I them!

Now, whilst I’m not quite mentally mature enough to have catch ups with my friends over tea/coffee but rather alcohol… we’re going to pretend otherwise.

If we were having wine coffee I’d tell you that I’m doing Blogtober this year. If you don’t know what Blogtober is, it’s basically a cutesy title to say that I’ll be posting on my blog every day in October! Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Why would you put yourself through that?!” Well, firstly, thanks for your concern, you lovely human, you. Secondly, I took part in Blogmas last year (same idea except in December leading up to Christmas!) and I absolutely loved it! It was actually nice to be forced to be creative and come up with ideas and produce posts fast, especially to a festive theme! Kinda kicks procrastination (my worst habit) in the butt, ya know?

On that note, I should probably tell you what type of posts you can expect from me this month! As it’s officially Autumn (or Fall for you folk across the pond) you can be sure to expect all things Autumnal and Halloween! I don’t want to give too much away but Blogtober here on WildflowerMind will feature lifestyle pieces, fashion and beauty, TV and book themed posts, food and aaaallll that good stuff. Watch this space!

With that being said, my coffee is going cold because it turns out sipping and typing simultaneously makes for an accident bound to happen. By that I mean, I just spilled some on my laptop mouse and it’s going bat-ish cray. So, off I go to drink my coffee! Happy International Coffee Day!

Let me know in the comments below if you’re taking part in Blogtober and I’ll definitely be sure to check out your blog! If you aren’t taking part, why not?! Also, what is your poison of choice for our virtual coffee date on this splendid day?!

~ Emma, your designated coffee date for the day xo

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