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HAPPY OCTOBER 3RD! Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it is in fact Autumn! Or fall, or any other title we give this fabulous time of year. I don’t particularly have a favourite season because I love and also mildly dislike all of them. However, Autumn is 2nd on the list of my fave seasons with the first being Spring, so yeah. Riveting information isn’t it? Anyways, I’m not here to bitch about why I dislike Autumn, I’m actually here to tell you 20 little reasons why I love it! So, with that being said; on with the list!

😍 In no particular order 😍:

  • The beaut crunchy orangey/red autumnal leaves, obv. 🍂🍁
  • Boots, boots, boots! Ankle boots, knee length boots, thigh highs… ALL THE BOOTS! 👢
  • TV shows returning from hiatus, i.e. Stranger Things, Riverdale. (!!!)📺
  • Every and all soups to warm ya soul with bread to dip. 🍵🥖
  • Staying inside a lot. It feels waaayy more acceptable to do when it’s chilly out. Yay! 💆🏻
  • Fresh starts. (School programmed Autumn to feel more like the new year than January 1st for me.) Anyone else? 🎊
  • Cozying up w/ a good book. 📖
  • Fluffy socks and slippers. Lookin’ at you, Primark! 👀  (We need a sock emoji ASAP.)
  • Autumnul colours – specifically mustard and maroon. 🎨
  • An excuse to wear my berets and cape coat. Am I French yet? 🇫🇷
  • The fresh, crisp chill in the air. 🌬
  • Pumpkin errr’thang. 🎃 
  • That feeling of running indoors from the pouring rain. (Who am I kidding, I live in England – this happens no matter the season.) ☔️
  • Plaid/flannel. ▪️ ▫️▪️ ▫️▪️
  • The wind tszujing up your hair. (For better or worse.) 💁🏻
  • Darker makeup. 👄💄💋
  • Flaunting your pale skin and not sparkling in the sun lookin’ like a Twilight vamp’. Oh… Just me? ✨
  • Casually keeping an eye out for Christmas gift ideas. 👁🎅🎁
  • Last but certainly by no means least, warm alcoholic beverages!! 🥃


  • Bonus point – HARRY POTTER! 👓


Well, there we have it – 20 21 lil’ reasons to love the season that comes before the crazy panic that is the lead up to Christmas. Yikes.

Let me know in the comments below what you love or even what you hate dislike about Autumn!


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  1. OK – boots. As a man I need to know. What is it with women and footwear? No problem with it (I like to see women in nice shoes as much as the next guy) but many ladies seem to get so much pleasure from footwear it becomes a total mystery to the male half of the population. I’d ask the wife but she is as mystified as me!

    I tend not to wear darker makeup either….

    I like autumn generally but here in NW England it rains constantly and I could happily live without that 🙂

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